Is medical care required by emergency rooms?

Answer The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act requires emergency rooms to provide lifesaving medical care to patients in emergencies and to provide medical treatment to patients in active la... Read More »

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Are hospital emergency rooms required to treat the uninsured?

On One Hand: They Can't Refuse You EntryAccording to, all emergency rooms that accept Medicare are prohibited from denying uninsured patients access. Under the 1986 Federal Emergency Me... Read More »

How many emergency rooms are in the U.S.?

According to "U.S. News & World Report," there are approximately 4,500 emergency rooms in the United States as of September 2008. That is a decrease from just under 4,600 emergency rooms in 2006 an... Read More »

Given a population of 5000 covered lives with balanced risk what is the total of the revenue paid directly to health care providers RX medical equipment plus any and all medical care?

Answer You'll never get the true stats on this one.It varies from hospital to hospital. One thing to keep in mind, when asked for money from a hospital to buy even a second-hand piece of equipmen... Read More »

Importance of Pediatric Emergency Rooms?

Pediatric emergency rooms provide care for seriously ill and injured children. While any emergency room will treat children, these facilities are designed to meet the specific needs of young patien... Read More »