Is meat tenderizer curing salt?

Answer Meat tenderizer is not curing salt. A meat tenderizer, which is added to meat, usually consists of papain, an enzyme from papayas that breaks down meat fibers. Curing salt, which consists of about ... Read More »

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Is turmeric a meat tenderizer?

Turmeric, which comes from the Curcuma longa plant, is sometimes used as an ingredient in meat tenderizers. However, it is not used alone to tenderize meat. It has a peppery, bitter taste that work... Read More »

Why is papain an effective meat tenderizer?

Papain is an enzyme that is extracted from the papaya plant. Its specific action is to disassemble proteins. It makes an effective meat tenderizer because papain works to weaken the molecular struc... Read More »

Can I use meat tenderizer on veal cutlets?

Meat tenderizer can be used on veal cutlets, either seasoned or unseasoned. The thinner the piece of meat, the more effective the process will be. You can choose either liquid or powdered tenderize... Read More »

Baking Soda Vs. Meat Tenderizer for a Bee Sting?

When bees sting, they inject venom into the skin and usually leave a stinger behind at the wound site. This results in a localized reaction which includes redness, pain, swelling and itching. Home ... Read More »