Is master chief alive in halo reach?

Answer there is an easter egg in reach, before the mission lone wolf. in the last cut scene when commander keis's pelican flies into the pilar of autumn if you hold your joystick to the right the screen w... Read More »

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Who will win master chief vs halo reach?

master chief. the whole noble team died in the end of reach. master chief hasn't died in any of the halo games yet. he has much better training than them too

How does master chief sacrifice himself in halo reach?

Unless you access the hidden easter egg, Master Chief isn't physically in Halo Reach. Even so, in the easter egg "room," there is only a picture and a small amount of objects alluding to the chief.

Master chief land on planet reach?

well supposedly and if he did or not it may lead to halo 4

Where does master chief go in halo 3?

Master chief is left in the half o the ship that broke apart in the end. If you beat it on legendary you get to see a cutscene of him stepping into a cryogenic tube to freeze himself (like the one ... Read More »