Is marxism biblical?

Answer On One Hand: Some AgreementThe ideas of social justice are biblical, and would not argue with Marxism. Acts 2:44-45 says: All that believed were together, and had all things in common; And sold the... Read More »

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Where has Marxism worked?

On One Hand: Marxism In The Soviet UnionMarxism, in its fully fledged form, has been proven by history to not work. The Soviet Union's records show that even in the "Golden Age" of Marxism (the 19... Read More »

What is the definition of Neo-Marxism?

Neo-Marxism utilizes traditional Marxist thought and attempts to bring it into modern political systems. This term is used for any theory that uses Marxism as a base and attempts to address histori... Read More »

Does marxism work in healthcare?

On One Hand: Yes, It Demonstrably Does.Cuba, a state based on Marxist philosophy, has an excellent national health care system, one in which care is free to all residents, with excellent results. A... Read More »

What Are the Differences Between Functionalism & Marxism?

Marxism and functionalism are two sociological theories which have been around for years. While both theories have the common denominator of being a study of society as a whole, the two have differ... Read More »