Is marshmellow a boy or a girl from annoying orange?

Answer Wrong category, but a simple google search has told me he's a boy… . Are you over 13 (minimum age for this site)?

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How to Make an Annoying Orange Halloween Costume?

You are an apple. You like to be annoying, and it's almost Halloween. The best costume is an orange knife! Here's how to make one

How to Tell If You Are Annoying a Girl?

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How do you melt a marshmellow?

step 1: get out frying pan and put flame on medstep 2: for 1 bag of marshmellows use a half stick of margarine butter in the pan then pour the mellows instep 3: mix for 8 mins then it will be done ... Read More »

What is Marshmellow made of?

Look for a certified organic marshmallow or marshmallow creme. If you cannot find it in your local health food store, search online. It's a relatively new concoction (within the last year) so it ... Read More »