Is marriage a social issue?

Answer what sort of angle has no equal angles or sides

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Is poverty a social issue?

Poverty is a social issue. A social issue is any event or policy that has an impact on an individual person, a large number of people or all of society. These can be things generally perceived as g... Read More »

Social Issue Speech Topics?

Social issues provide for good speech topics, namely because of their controversial nature and arguments that cross into politics, religion and health care. Years of government data, statistics and... Read More »

What knives were used in vietnam. army issue.marine issue and navy seal issue?

Answer In Vietnam the army issue knife was the M7 bayonet still in service with some countries today. The Marines carried, as they have since World War II, the Ka-Bar USMC combat knife. This knife... Read More »

Social Work, Marriage & Family Counselor Careers?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in counseling and social work is expected to increase 16 percent from 2008 through the year 2018, a higher than average growth rate. Job pros... Read More »