Is marijuana that dangerous?

Answer Pot tilts the balance of chemicals in the brain that regulate mood, energy, appetite, and attention. It affects learning and memory processes, and can cause forgetfulness and reduced concentration.... Read More »

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I have a friend that is 14 and is depressed and i heard that medical marijuana can help that person is it true?

Sometimes Marijuana can help! thats trueBut for a 14 year old kid? Come on! Thats a Big NO!

I am diabetic,but does that mean that even a glass of coke a month would be dangerous?

Yes.When you are diabetic, you have too much sugar in your blood. You need SOME sugar to give your body the fuel to work, grow, and heal, but too much sugar DAMAGES your body.In your blood, the ti... Read More »

Is it that bad to smoke marijuana?

Marijuana is not a highly addictive drug. There are hundreds of people who smoke it occasionally. Its the persons conscience decision to smoke pot.Interesting fact. Right now, its cheaper for me to... Read More »

Is marijuana really that damaging as people say?

actually, it'll make a hippy idiot out of youand you may grow breastsand your ambition level will all but disappear and never recover even when you stopand all the other respondents here are no dou... Read More »