Is marijuana safe while pregnant?

Answer Marijuana is completely safe for a pregnant woman. As i have read there are no non side effects of marijuana. Your baby will be safe if you smoke marijuana while pregnant because it actually intens... Read More »

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Is it safe smoke marijuana while getting a wax?

Well being high isn't that bad of an idea, i've done that a few times. But, there were a few times where you get like weirded out & focus on the pain more than you normally would. & don't do it bei... Read More »

Is medical marijuana safe?

On One Hand: Some States Contend It IsMedical marijuana is growing in popularity as a treatment. Many states have legalized it, citing its positive use in the treatment of glaucoma and the effects... Read More »

How safe is it, to smoke or eat marijuana or skunk?

Deaths from Cannabis (Marijuana) - 0 worldwideHumourous video about the war on drugs:…

Are marijuana websites safe for registration?

On One Hand: OK to ExploreSurfing marijuana sites is generally protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. While it is generally against federal and most state laws to use or sell ma... Read More »