Is marijuana realy a pain stopper?

Answer Depends on the type of pain. It has always worked well for body pain for me, not so well for headaches. I have severe problems in both legs that cause constant pain, marijuana is one of the best ... Read More »

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Why does medical marijuana not help with pain on some people?

Well it interacts with different people differently, but if you want to ensure you are pain free, try to find a strain that's 50/50 CBD/THC and make pot brownies or whatever with it, this will allo... Read More »

Medical Marijuana for back pain?

I too have bad reactions to "those" pain killers. Marijuana does help. If smoking it only smoke a little and never trust other people when using it for your pain!! You may do better with the pills,... Read More »

What are the legal risks of me smoking marijuana because im in pain?

I'm not sure which part of the world you're in , so I can only answer for the UK. There is no such thing as prescribed cannabis in the UK. While I and many others sympathise with your condition, as... Read More »

I use marijuana for my back pain. I broke it several years ago and I have titanium in it.?

ive also had some weed before where after the first or second bowl, my throat started to close up and i had trouble breathing and swallowing, once i smoked too much of it and i actually started cou... Read More »