Is marble good for kitchen countertops?

Answer On One Hand: Beauty While You BakePrized by Michelangelo for its luster and the Greeks for its durability, marble adds richness and luxury to your home. A marble countertop lasts a lifetime with pr... Read More »

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Which is better for kitchen countertops: marble or granite?

Both marble and granite will give your kitchen a natural look and smooth counters that will enhance baking and bread making. Marble will stain, etch and scratch more easily than granite, though, ma... Read More »

Does Travertine make good kitchen countertops?

If upkeep and regular maintenance is not an issue, Travertine is widely regarded as an option for kitchen counter tops. Once sealed, travertine looks nice and is sturdy enough for kitchen usage. Ho... Read More »

What is a good color to paint a kitchen to go with these countertops?

I would paint it white, and add some mirrors

How to Install Marble Countertops?

A marble tiled countertop is one of the finest coverings you can use in the kitchen. You can install marble tiles over any solid, de-glossed countertop surface with the right preparation. Laying th... Read More »