Is malic acid soluble in water?

Answer Malic acid is a substance that makes unripe fruits sour or tart, and is highly soluble in water. Because of its flavor enhancement qualities and ability to dissolve in water, it is widely used in f... Read More »

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Is benzoic acid soluble in water?

Benzoic acid is slightly soluble in room temperature water, which is around 20 degrees C or 68 degrees F. The acid will also dissolve in alcohol, ether, benzene and acetone and is slightly soluble ... Read More »

Why Is Benzoic Acid Slightly Soluble in Water?

Benzoic acid, chemical structure C6H5COOH, is the uniting of the water insoluble benzene molecule (with one hydrogen atom dropped) with a carboxylic acid group, (-COOH). It is this carboxylic acid... Read More »

Should you take malic acid with acid reflux?

Malic acid is an ingredient in apple cider vinegar, which can be used to help acid reflux. This means you can take malic acid when you have acid reflux. Malic acid may also help you lose weight, fi... Read More »

How to Understand the Difference Between Water Soluble and Fat Soluble Vitamins?

Vitamins are micronutrients, performing functions vital in the human body without providing calories. Consuming a well-balanced diet that is nutrient dense will usually provide all the vitamins a p... Read More »