Is male cat urine dark?

Answer All cat urine is light yellow or amber. Dark urine could indicate the presence of blood. A veterinarian can determine the cause. Any cat may sometimes spray small amounts of urine on vertical surfa... Read More »

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Can you tell male from female urine in a ua?

It is possible to determine if urine is from a male or female. The presence and levels of hormones like estrogen and testosterone make analysis of gender from urine quite simple. However, a urinaly... Read More »

Can you tell if a urine sample is male or female?

Yes, scientists are able to determine if a urine sample came from a male or a female by comparing the sex hormones that are present in each sample of urine.Source:Proceedings of the Royal Society o... Read More »

Why is the urine dark in color?

Oxidised form of uric acid is released as "pee/urine/piss(whatever you call it)" So you need to drink more water, for it to be lighter/ clearer. Doctors recommend 8-10 cups of water, however i try ... Read More »

How to Help a Male Child Provide a Urine Sample?

For ages urine has been used to tell us about out health. Routine urine testing is frequently a part of well boy medical care and to diagnose illness or disease. In order to test urine for bacteria... Read More »