Is making an online donation by credit card secure?

Answer On One Hand: Online Charity ScamsOnline thieves recreate websites and emails that appear as if they belong to a known charity. All the images and information are the same as the real website, excep... Read More »

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What is a secure credit card?

A secured credit card uses a bank deposit as security. If you have bad credit due to a foreclosure or bankruptcy, a secured credit card can help rebuild your credit file.Bank AccountTo get a secur... Read More »

What is a secure credit card process?

Credit cards offer a convenient way to transact business, but concerns about financial information being compromised has led to calls for a more secure credit card process, one that limits the occu... Read More »

Can you purchase secure credit cards online from PayPal?

PayPal offered a virtual credit card payment system, "PayPal Secure Card." This would generate a unique Mastercard number that PayPal members could use to make payments on sites that did not accept... Read More »

Is Star Namer a secure site for credit card orders?

To check the website Star Namer, look in the address bar, or URL, to check for the letter "s." If the URL contains the letter "s" after "http" on the order page, the site is secure. Make sure the w... Read More »