Is low libido a disorder?

Answer On One Hand: It's A DisorderLow libido is a recognized medical condition called hypoactive sexual desire disorder. According to the Mayo Clinic, approximately 40 percent of women will experience lo... Read More »

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Are Attention Deficit Disorder and Bipolar Disorder considered preexisting medical conditions?

Answer Yes, but on a group plan they may still be covered.

How do major depressive disorder& dysthymic disorder differ?

Depression affects mood, energy, ability to think, relationships, and daily habits such as eating and sleeping. A major depressive disorder and dysthymic disorder are more severe and extended episo... Read More »

What distinguishes narcissistic personality disorder from bipolar disorder?

If a person with a severe mental disorder raises a child, can that child develop the disorder?

Some disorders, like schizophrenia, are generic. Depression is also genetic, but can also be "situational", a response to trauma or environment. However, 2 children raised under the same conditions... Read More »