Is low blood pressure a symptom of congestive heart failure?

Answer High blood pressure--not low blood pressure--is one of the possible causes of heart failure, according to the Mayo Clinic. Doctors often prescribe hypertension medications for congestive-heart-fail... Read More »

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Is congestive heart failure curable?

On One Hand: Causes of Congestive Heart FailureThe National Institutes of Health defines heart failure as the weakening of the heart's ability to pump all the blood it receives. When it can't pump ... Read More »

Is congestive heart failure in dogs painful?

On One Hand: Dogs Compensate WellCanine congestive heart failure is the inability of the heart to pump blood at the optimum value and pressure. In the early stages, dogs can compensate well for dec... Read More »

What are symptoms of congestive heart failure?

RV CHF:anorexia,nausea,pain inright upper part of abdomen,high heart rate,low blood pressure,enlargement of liver,cold extremitiesLV CHF:shortness of bresthe(dyspnea)PNH(paroxismal nocturnal dyspne... Read More »

Outcome of a patient in the ICU for Congestive Heart Failure?

No he won't die, the fluid will be taken out by injections if he is breathing on his own and not on ventilator. No specific percentage can be given in acute pulmonary congestion, as chances decreas... Read More »