Is loud noise during pregnancy harmful to the baby?

Answer At about 24 weeks, your baby's outer, middle, and inner ear — including the cochlea, the snail-shell-shaped tube in the inner ear where vibrations are converted into the nerve impulses we perceiv... Read More »

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My computer started making a loud noise (from the fan). Is this harmful to my computer Can I ignore it?

I just wrote a quick tutorial on this oddly enoughhere:…

Why when I turn on my computer does it make a loud humming noise It only last a few minutes, but it is loud.?

It may be the fans spinning up and getting warm.It might be the hard drive, but that should only be a few seconds, other than the 'chatter' as it is accessed to start the OS.I would check the fans.... Read More »

Are rashes after a viral fever harmful for the baby during pregnancy?

You are describing nerve pain, he needs to see a Neurologist ASAP!

I have some loud neighbors. Is there anything I can do to the wall to cut down the noise?

Cakes is on the right track, but didn't go far enough. Small bubble insulation like Styrofoam or Foam Spray insulation is best for a sound barrier.Put sheets of Styrofoam on the wall, or drill tiny... Read More »