Is loss of memory covered by disability insurance?

Answer yes in some States.

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Who is covered with military disability medical insurance?

Disabled veterans fall into medical insurance groups Priority 1 through 3 based on the severity of the disability. Once a disabled veteran applies for medical insurance, the military will review hi... Read More »

Do you need disability insurance if you are covered by workman's comp?

Workers comp or disability insurance Workers compensation only applies if you are injured while at work performing your regular duties. You apply for it through the state. Disability insurance is ... Read More »

If you are 62 and on disability are you still covered by your wife's COBRA insurance or will you need supplemental coverage?

If you pay the premium AND if you were "covered" before your wife separated employment then you are. Good question...COBRA is her right to extend the exact same coverage as she was enrolled in prio... Read More »

Is it possible to double coverage for cargo insurance If a loss then get the 2 insurance carriers to each pay 50 percent if crate goes missing Friend took big loss last year from shipping loss?

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