Is losing 15 pounds in two months realistic?

Answer The following healthy living recommendations will help you if you’re trying to lose weight, tone up your muscles, have aspirations of building lean muscle mass, are attempting to get a wash board... Read More »

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How should I go about losing 30 pounds in 1 month? are beautiful the way you are!!but if you are insistent, just eat right and exercise! but don't overdo it!! and drink plenty of water!!just please be careful!! please be careful!!

What would be a good way to reward yourself for losing five pounds?

An ice cream sundae that we call The Doggie's Dinner. It gotz everything in it! Yum! Oh, well, + 5lbs!

I'm not losing any weight and it has been over two and a half months?

heyy! ik what ur going through, im 14 and trying to lose weight! I've lost 25 lbs in 1 month exertcising eating healthy and always moving go to the gym for abt an hour a day, treadmil 25 mins,... Read More »

Is losing 25 pounds a reasonable 2 month weight loss goal?

Yeah 25 lbs seems reasonable enough, considering I lost nearly 30 lbs in 2 weeks..however the way I lost that weight was by not eating for those 2 weeks and I do not reccommend that, its a bad idea... Read More »