Is logos a greek word?

Answer "Logos" is a Greek noun meaning "tale" or "story," Tufts University's Perseus Digital Library says. Spelled "λόγος" in Greek, "logos" can also mean a "word," "speech" or "thought," according t... Read More »

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Is 'photography' a Greek word?

No, 'photography' isn't an actual Greek word. Instead, it's an English language word that's formed by combining two Greek language words. Specifically, the noun 'phos' ['φῶς'] means 'light'. Th... Read More »

What is the greek word for Zoe?

How do you say/write the word "WANDERLUST" in Greek?

wanderlust is a person obsessed with traveling right?if thats correct then the greek word is:ταξιδομανής (small letters)ΤΑΞΙΔΟΜΑΝΗΣ (capital letters)

How do i find greek letters in word?

Open Microsoft Word and place the cursor exactly in the spot where you want the Greek letter to show up. Click on "Insert" at the top of Word. Select the "Symbol" option to open a dialog box; in Wo... Read More »