Is logos a greek word?

Answer "Logos" is a Greek noun meaning "tale" or "story," Tufts University's Perseus Digital Library says. Spelled "λόγος" in Greek, "logos" can also mean a "word," "speech" or "thought," according t... Read More »

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What does the Greek word opa mean?

"Opa" is an affirmation of a joyous life. It means many things, central to the theme of happiness. Variables include: Bravo! More! To your health! Wow! Bring it on! Absolutely! Live! Celebrate! D... Read More »

What is the greek word for Zoe?

What does the word Zoe mean in the greek?

It translates as Life. there is a Zoe brotherhood of theologians in the Greek Orthodox Church.

Is 'photography' a Greek word?

No, 'photography' isn't an actual Greek word. Instead, it's an English language word that's formed by combining two Greek language words. Specifically, the noun 'phos' ['φῶς'] means 'light'. Th... Read More »