Is listen to youtube illegal?

Answer Yup. Every country in the world knows about it and so does everyone in the U.S. but no one will do anything about it. Still it's illegal. The reason it is not being shut down is because they have c... Read More »

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Why is it...I can be sent a video from youtube...and listen to it..but if I go to youtube...It is silent?

Hi Sweet Judy, Lol.. Judy see if the volume needs to be sethigher.A Friend,poppy1

Is it illegal to listen to cell phones on a scanner?

No, it is not. Anything being transmitted can be received by anyone. The possible problem comes into play if you record any conversation. Most states--I am not sure if they all do, so I will be saf... Read More »

Is it illegal to listen in on people's cell phone on a scanner?

yes..we have the expectation of privacy...BUT..if frequencies carry over from one phone to another...then..just know that if someone figured that out...they're probably listening RIGHT NOW!

When is it illegal for a detective to tap or listen in on a persons cell phone calls?

I think the only time it's legal to tap into phone calls is if there is a warrant from the court.