Is liquor unhealthy (brandy)?

Answer keep it under control. don't let it control you.

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What is brandy liquor made of?

The distillation of fermented grape juice or other fermented fruits (including apples, apricots, pears, blackberries or plums) produces the liquor called brandy. Cognac, produced in France, remains... Read More »

Whats the difference between wine, beer, whisky, rum, brandy, gin, brandy & which is the best?

Wine is fermented, beer is brewed and spirits like whisky, rum, brandy and gin are usually distilled. Distilling is extremely dangerous so in most countries it is illegal to distill spirits withou... Read More »

I have heard of Hard liquor is there such thing as soft liquor?

YES! The definition of hard liquor is an alcoholic beverage that is distilled rather than fermented. Soft liquor is a combination of fermented and distilled alcohol .... It has a lower alcohol c... Read More »

Is it cheaper buying liquor with a liquor license?

Yes if you plan on buying legally produced alcohol its cheaper with a license.