Is liquid shock the same as liquid chlorine?

Answer According to, liquid shock is the same product as liquid chlorine. The pool industry uses the terms interchangeably. You can use the liquid as part of regular pool maintenance to rid... Read More »

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How much liquid chlorine is needed to shock a pool?

Use 1 gallon of liquid chlorine for each 10,000 gallons of water in the pool to provide a shock chlorination treatment. Perform a shock treatment of chlorine to your pool once each week.Source:East... Read More »

What Is the Difference of Liquid Chlorine vs. Gas Chlorine?

Gas chlorine exists at room temperature, with a yellow-green color. Liquid chlorine forms under cooler temperatures, and has an amber color. Liquid chlorine is used to purify water and make househ... Read More »

Liquid Chlorine Vs. Powder?

The debate over using liquid chlorine vs. the powder form is always a concern for owners and operators of pools and spas. There are positive aspects to each product. Depending on what source you co... Read More »

How do I use liquid chlorine pool sanitizer?

Get the Right EquipmentPurchase a peristaltic pump to ensure that the right amount of chlorine is added to your pool with the correct frequency. Although liquid chlorine can be poured directly into... Read More »