Is lipton normally black tea?

Answer Yes, it's black tea

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Why does my computer start normally but showing green vertical broken lines and then just turns black?

probubley because It needs to be charged or you must have drooped it and something happened it happened to me before so i called dell and they took it and fixed it for me.

Who owns Lipton Tea?

The Lipton brand, which Sir Thomas Lipton of Scotland started in 1890, is currently owned by the conglomerate Unilever. The company now markets and sells Lipton Tea in more than 150 countries.Sourc... Read More »

How much caffeine is in a Lipton tea bag?

Each Lipton tea bag is meant to produce one cup of tea; the amount of caffeine per cup depends on brewing time and tea type. On average, one cup of green or black tea steeped for 2 to 3.5 minutes w... Read More »

Lipton citrus green tea?

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