Is linux (ubuntu) a good operating system?

Answer Is Pepsi better than Coke, or RC cola.Its a question based on prefrence, you will get many different answers to this question.Here is somethings you can't do with it natively, You can not run any a... Read More »

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Which network operating system is better: Linux Ubuntu or Microsoft Windows 2003 Server?

I am surprised that anyone can answer your question with this little information, as this is not possible. It mostly depends on the role that the server will perform, what other servers and service... Read More »

How to Run the Linux Operating System From a DVD?

Of all of the operating systems being used today, Linux is a popular choice after Microsoft Windows and Apple's OS X. Linux is free, open-source and will run on almost any architecture. Another ni... Read More »

What's the best Linux operating system Why?

Any hardcore Linux user (as in one whose opinion you would want on this matter) will tell you immediately (as some have) that your question its un-answerable. it depends entirely on the person and... Read More »

How to Upgrade Ubuntu to Windows Operating System?

If you are currently running Linux operating system and would like to upgrade to Windows then look no further. Nonetheless, it is important to understand that Linux operating system makes use of a ... Read More »