Is limited power of attorney recognized between states?

Answer The American Bar Association states that any power of attorney that was valid when signed "will remain valid even if you change your state of residence." States generally recognize properly created... Read More »

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What is a limited power of attorney?

Power of attorney gives another person the right to handle your financial and legal issues. A power of attorney can be limited in scope, giving an individual the power to act as your representative... Read More »

Example of a Limited Power of Attorney?

Delegating your legal rights to make decisions about your finances, health care or any other area of your life is allowed through the use of limited powers of attorney. These documents are commonly... Read More »

Is power of attorney in one state recognized by another state?

According to the American Bar Association, power of attorney is recognized by all states once legally binding. For example, you could give power of attorney to a relative in a different state. Your... Read More »

In which states are living wills recognized as a legal document?

According to US Legal, living wills are legal in all 50 states and in the District of Columbia. Living wills tell doctors what should or should not be done to prolong life if an individual is unabl... Read More »