Is limewire (the basic one) illegal?

Answer No, it's not technically illegal in and of itself, but downloading unlicensed music, videos, and games is illegal, so consider that. :)

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LimeWire illegal?

Limewire has excluded themselves from the loop, you are sharing files with othe people, not Limewire itself. you may very well be doing something illegal if the music is copyrighted to not be dis... Read More »

Limewire...Is it illegal?

Limewire itself is probably not illegal. It's how people use it that is. If you are downloading songs or other files that you should be buying (in other words, you are using Limewire to avoid havin... Read More »

Why is limewire illegal?

Limewire itself may or may not be illegal, but the sharing of copyrighted, commercial software, music, and video content sure is.That's what RIAA is in such an uproar about.

Is Limewire Pro illegal?

According to, their paid peer-to-peer product Limewire Pro is not illegal. However, it is illegal to use Limewire Pro to share unlawful pornographic material. It is also illegal to use... Read More »