Is limewire safe to use on macs?

Answer On One Hand: Access to Music, Videos, and MoreLimeWire is a program available for Mac OS X that is used for peer-to-peer, or p2p, file sharing on the Gnutella network. It can be used to download ne... Read More »

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How do I get Limewire Pro free for Macs?

Limewire ProGo to the Limewire website (see the Reference section for a link). Limewire is a shareware, or person-to-person, download site. The basic Limewire program is free. However, Limewire Pro... Read More »

Do macs get viruses from LimeWire?

It is possible to get a virus from LimeWire on a Mac, but very unlikely. Unlike Microsoft's Windows operating systems, Mac OS X is based off of BSD, a Unix-like operating system which is very secur... Read More »

So if Macs are so great and easy and slick and safe and all....... how come 90% of the market is PC Seriously?

How safe is Limewire?

theres no safe there, it just depends on what u download, if u dl a virus instead of a song thats what u get.