Is limewire safe to use?

Answer yes it is absolutely safe to use

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How safe is Limewire?

theres no safe there, it just depends on what u download, if u dl a virus instead of a song thats what u get.

Does anyone know if limewire is safe?

Like all downloading programs, there are faults and viruses and there are things that you need to look out for. But overall, yes, Limewire is really very safe, as it has minimal viruses/trojans; et... Read More » it safe and is it ok?

It can be dangerous, when i downloaded it, it contained a virus in it, and a lot of the files on the net contain viruses too. It is better not to risk it, use it at other peoples houses,don't risk ... Read More »

Is Limewire safe?

www.limewire.comDon't disable any firewall(s) (as limewire say to do) & you should be ok.