Is limewire safe to download Please help?

Answer No... please don't. It isn't Lime Wire itself that is a problem but the possibility of getting infected by a virus when you download something off Lime Wire is very high.We have it... on a separate... Read More »

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Is limewire safe to download?

You could get a virus from limewire, but you could get one from just about anywhere on the net. You have to be careful of what you download. I do not recommend downloading anything but music, and t... Read More »

Is it safe to download LimeWire?

On One Hand: Accidental Sharing CorrectedIn some versions of LimeWire, it was very easy for users to share all their files on LimeWire's Gnutella network without knowledge of doing so. This left th... Read More »

How safe is Limewire (the download thing)?

It's safe, make sure you have really good security on your computer before using it. You don't know whose computer the files are coming from and they could be corrupt. If you have a good anti-virus... Read More »

Is it safe to download limewire on my computer?

I am actually a computer technician so I'll tell you the truthLimewire itself is in fact spyware, but its tiny, so unless your computer is ancient it shouldn't slow down. The reason your cousins c... Read More »