Is limewire safe to be downloaded and used on computer?

Answer Yes,100%

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Ever since I downloaded Limewire, my computer is slow?

not nessesarely just make sure u delete your downloads after you have them on ur ipod or whatever to save computer space.

Is Limewire safe for my computer?

Make sure you have good updated virus protection on your computer....

Is limewire safe 4 my computer?

Limewire in and of itself will not harm your computer. It's what you potentially download that will get you in trouble. Use common sense and you will be fine. Limewire will never GIVE you a virus. ... Read More »

Is LimeWire safe Will it put viruses on my computer?

Since it's a peer to peer network, you're downloading files from other people's computers. Limewire in and of itself isn't dangerous. However, unscrupulous users who insert trojans or other viruses... Read More »