Is limewire really illegal?

Answer To be simple, concise, and short - Limewire is technically not illegal. The concept is P2P sharing. Peer to peer sharing files that they "own". That is the loophole concept that has kept networks l... Read More »

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Is it really illegal to use limewire now?

LimeWire itself isn't illegal, but if you use it to download copyrighted files for free (this includes music, pictures, videos and even documents) that you are effectively stealing from the owners ... Read More »

Is limewire really illegal it seems so easy to use and download.?

the actual program is not illegal at all. It's simply a way for people to share files, just like AIM has a file share function.The thing that is illegal is sharing copyrighted files like Music, so... Read More »

Why is limewire illegal?

Limewire itself may or may not be illegal, but the sharing of copyrighted, commercial software, music, and video content sure is.That's what RIAA is in such an uproar about.

Is LimeWire Illegal ?

No, Limewire is NOT illegal. It is perfectly legal.It is, however, a hotbed of spyware, virus promulgation, key-logging and phishing. I would stay so far away from that ...