Is limewire music sharing software free?

Answer And it sucks, as in crippleware .Use Frostwire. It's basically the PRO version for free. And people who get trojans and stuff on their comps just didn't know what they... Read More »

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Is Limewire a file sharing software?

According to Limewire's official website, the software's developers created Limewire as a "peer-to-peer file-sharing program." Individuals provide access to personal music, image, video and softwar... Read More »

How to Find the Best Free P2P File Sharing Software?

The technical term "P2P" stands for "Peer to Peer." The phrase describes a program or service where you connect to and download files from other users directly. The best P2P software for you will v... Read More »

Are there any free downloading programs that allow free music downloads legally (like LimeWire).?

There currently is no such thing. The only free music you are going to get is usually indie music. Popular music (the kind you hear on the radio) is copyrighted. Even if you download it for "fre... Read More »

Free Music: Limewire?

try to re download it... they updated it.