If you have LimeWire on your computer can you get songs from your iPod to go into LimeWire on your computer?

Answer No.LimeWire is a program that downloads stuff. If you want a song on LimeWire, just download it.

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If i install limewire on my computer would my computer be harmed?

Limewire will be fine on your computer - it is always wise to have a good anti-virus installed. Good luck :-)

What exactly will limewire do to my computer?

Yes, most computers are getting infected by a virus because of P2P applications (eg. Limewire, Frostwire). When you use these kind of applications, they actually come with a hidden file when you do... Read More »

Is limewire a threat to your computer?

if a person downloads with reckless abandon and doesnt pay attention to the file details its a sure way to get a virus ..

Will limewire slow down my computer?