Is limewire a safe program?

Answer I have heard Limewire is susceptible to viruses and doesn't do a good job helping you to protect your computer. I have heard this time and again, so use your judgement. There are other sources th... Read More »

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Is Limewire an illegal program?

Limewire itself is not illegal. Downloading copyrighted media using it is.

Is LimeWire the music program bad?

It is a poorly coded piece of junk that puts security holes all over your computer compromising your system. By its very nature it requires for you to leave your system open to intrusion. Who hon... Read More »

Does anyone know if limewire is safe?

Like all downloading programs, there are faults and viruses and there are things that you need to look out for. But overall, yes, Limewire is really very safe, as it has minimal viruses/trojans; et... Read More »

Is limewire really safe?

Every computer i have ever put limewire on has messed up in some way.Limewire would slow my computer down and you never know when youll download the wrong file and BAM.viruses.I suggest you don't u... Read More »