Is lightning protection necessary?

Answer On One Hand: Lightning Protection Is GoodThere is more than one form of lightning protection, and all of them are a good idea to protect you and your possessions. Lightning protection systems for h... Read More »

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Lightning Protection for Home?

Lightning protection can be installed but it is not cheap & will need to be done by an electrician.Usually, it is a device that is connected to your incoming mains. Good things to remember are 50kA... Read More »

When is lightning protection required?

On One Hand: Assess Property AccuratelyMany factors go into assessing a property for lightning protection. Depending upon where a property is located, a professional assessment can be made about th... Read More »

Are camera protection plans necessary?

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What type of eye protection is necessary with a plasma cutter?

When using a plasma cutter, you need protection not only from the blinding brightness of the cutter's electrical arc but from possible flying bits of molten metal as well. A full welder's helmet is... Read More »