Is light made of atoms and elements?

Answer Light is all around us, yet its unique properties kept scientists guessing for centuries. Now it is known that it is actually made of particles and a wave.CompositionLight took so long to crack bec... Read More »

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Are all elements made up of atoms?

All elements consist of atoms. Differences between elements are the result of different numbers of protons in the nucleus of the atom. All atoms with a given number of protons are the same element.... Read More »

Are elements atoms?

Strictly speaking, elements are not atoms. These chemistry-related terms have different definitions, but these concepts directly relate to each other. The distinction mainly lies in the function of... Read More »

How are atoms&elements related?

Words that are similar in meaning such as "atoms" and "elements" may be used so interchangeably, that confusion arises as to their distinct meaning. To understand how atoms and elements are relate... Read More »

Are all elements composed of atoms?

Everything is made of atoms. An element is composed of atoms. All atoms in an element are the same. This is similar to square building blocks. The blocks (atoms), which are the same in every way, w... Read More »