Does sound travel faster in water than air?

Answer Sound does travel faster in water than air, according to Dirk Noy of Walters-Storyk Design Group. When something vibrates, it cause molecules to bump into each other. Sound propagates through water... Read More »

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How much faster does sound travel through water than air in one second?

Sound travels more than four times faster through water than air. The speed of sound in air at 20 degrees Celsius is 343 meters per second whereas the speed of sound in water at 25 degrees Celsius ... Read More »

Can a bicycle move faster than the speed of light?

As of 2010, scientists still agree with Einstein's theory that nothing can exceed the speed of light, according to PhysOrg. Wormholes--which offer a shortcut through space--could let a bicycle trav... Read More »

Why is the computers here at the library so much faster than the mine at home what can i do to make it faster?

You probably let Spyware in, and have way to much just starting up at startup. First, go to and get this: Ad-aware Spybot Search & DestroyThen, go to RUN in your START menu... Read More »

As the speed of light and sound is different then how do the speed of light and sound are synchronized in T.V.?

up to the time the signal from the station reaches your TV both the picture and sound are transmitted in the same format, so they arrive at the same time. The TV then divides the signal and sends t... Read More »