Is lifting weights very slowly better than at the normal rate?

Answer On One Hand: Increased Speed of Muscle GrowthLifting weights slowly--at a rate of 10 to 14 seconds during contraction--causes the acting muscle to undergo a longer period of constant stress, induci... Read More »

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Left wrist pain when lifting weights and in normal life?

You can reduce the pain temporarily by applying ice. Avoid lifting heavy weights from your left wrist. You can make it stronger by physiotherapeutic exercises.

I've started lifting weights. Yesterday I worked my arms, and today my elbows are very sore. Normal?

Does lifting weights cause a rupture?

On One Hand: Weightlifting May Cause a RuptureA rupture is when a muscle is torn from the bone by trying to lift a load that is beyond the limit of the muscle. This can happen in weightlifting, esp... Read More »

How do you know when you've got a burn when lifting weights?

usually a burn will come during the last final set of an exercisean usually when u just did a heavy setthen u quickly do something called a drop set. an u lift a light weight right away to exhaust ... Read More »