Is life better if you don't drink alcohol at all?

Answer Obviously not drinking is better for you healthwise..But drinking in moderation is ok.

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How long after a tonsillectomy is it okay to drink alcohol and just get back to normal life?

starting day 10 post op you can eat mostly normal foods and do mostly normal need to wait until day 21 post op to...-eat rough foods like pop corn, chips, and pretzels-drink alcohol-... Read More »

College life is boring, All of the fun stuffs/parties include alcohol and I don't drink! What should I do?

Listen, just because you don't drink does not mean you can't go to the parties. Get a red cup and fill it up with soda & I doubt anyone will notice or care. If all your friends are going to a part... Read More »

I had a urine test done a month ago and the result was positive for alcohol in my urine.Trouble is dont drink?

I'm speculating here but it really depends on what tests were conducted and by whom.Even in a doctors office where they run their own tests which is unlikely, a receptionist wouldn't be able to fid... Read More »

How can i stop myself from turning into a drunken hussy everytime i drink (i dont want 2 drink any less)?

what's your phone number? you have plans for friday?