Is liability insurance on property that is not being lived in necessary?

Answer Answer Yes. If anyone is injured on that property, even if there without permission, the owner may be held responsible.

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Is A property or liability insurance policy a business or liability contract?

A property is not a contract or a business. A liability insurance policy is a kind of contract but not a business. the answer is b...

Is liability insurance necessary for pony parties?

Yes, if you are planning to travel to a clients location or home you need to have liability insurance. Usually 1M is sufficient. I suggest you contact a pony company in your area and ask them for a... Read More »

How much auto insurance liability is necessary?

What is property liability insurance?

Anyone who owns a car, house or other large asset should have a good working knowledge of how their insurance works. Here is a brief look at liability insurance and how it affects you.DefinitionA l... Read More »