Is lg optimus gt 540 a anroid 2.1version?

Answer Adding numbers to speed dialSometimes we forget that our Android phones are, well, phones. For those times when you need to make a call, it's handy to have a speed dial list. And it's easy to make ... Read More »

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Anroid 4.1.2 xperia go?

What? Are you trying to factory reset your phone? If that's the case, then you have no choice but to erase all of your internal storage. You can try and backup the apps, but the data will be eras... Read More »

Does LG Optimus S case fit LG Optimus V?

Yes. I currently own an LG Optimus V and it has a Body Glove Case on it. Any case that is designed for the Optimus S will fit the Optimus V.

How do you put a signature on an optimus t?

Easy heres one first add W34DWK then get out off the app nd reenter for no equipment upkeep

How do you jailbreak a lg optimus s?

You don't. If you found it or stole it, you should return it to the nearest sprint store. Besided even if you do, there is a program that can still track it and then you will have the chance of bei... Read More »