Is let it shine going to be on Disney blue-ray and DVD?

Answer Let it shine is to be released in August of 2012 onto Disney DVD in a special EXTENDED EDITION! No announcement of a blu-ray version has been said or if it will be available on streaming sites such... Read More »

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I read on yahoo answers Malaysia that an Asian Disney radio jock Jeremy shum was going to be on American idol but it ended up he's not going to be on which one is it i am a bit confused?

If you are going to be covered within the next 65 days under Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina but your wife may be pregnant will they pick her up?

Answer Depends upon how long she has been without insurance. If more than 3 months (usually) .. it will likely be considered a pre-existing condition and they will not cover pregnancy-related claims.

Is Disney going to release pepper Ann to DVD?

Is the Disney cup going to be live on ESPN?

It would depend on what the question is. As far as I know they don't have a "call in and ask us anything" line. Their website has a "Contact Us" page. I've added it in the Related Links section. 1... Read More »