What is the lesser saphenous vein?

Answer There are two saphenous veins in each of your legs. One of these is the lesser saphenous vein. Both saphenous veins are principal blood vessels of the superficial venous system in your leg.Saphenou... Read More »

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There are many famous actors/actresses out there. Everybody knows about Angelina Jolie and George Clooney, but it is fun to appreciate someone who is not as well known because they may become more ... Read More »

How to Spot a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker?

Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers are easy to find. They can be found mostly all over the world apart from cold climates.

How to Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram?

The Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram (or the LBRP). This ritual should be memorised as soon as possible on your magickal path, and practiced daily. Since divine names of God which correspon... Read More »

Information on the Lesser Purple Emperor Butterfly?

The lesser purple emperor butterfly, or Apatura ilia, is found in Europe, Asia and the northernmost part of Africa. It is active during the months of June and July, and is normally found near carri... Read More »