Is lemon juice good for your skin?

Answer On One Hand: It Has Many BenefitsAccording to a study at Cheju National University in the Republic of Korea, citric acid in lemon juice is an effective topical treatment for acne. Citric acid also ... Read More »

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I heard lemon juice is good for healing acne scars, I have some lemon juice how do I use it on my skin?

Best thing is get to a laser center that specializes in acne scar removal. Lemon juice will bleach your skin color.good luck to you

Can you use key lime juice instead of lemon juice to whitenen your skin?

No and no juice will lighten your skin. The good news is that alcohol will. You need to drink the same amount that you put on your skin. Be sure to keep the amounts equal. The more that you take th... Read More »

Does lemon juice really lighten the skin?

Juice from a fresh lemon can lighten dark spots or areas of the skin, which is why some people use it to lighten freckles. The acidic properties in lemon juice lighten the skin temporarily, but the... Read More »

Will lemon juice lighten my skin?

NO. It will only dry your skin more.Also the price of lemons would have jumped like Gold per pound.! As I type, lemons are still selling 3 for $1.00.Stay out of the sun. At least 90% of your day. E... Read More »