Is lemon juice good for periodontal disease?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, because it has vitamin CLemon juice is loaded with vitamin C, according to Add 1 tbsp. to a glass of water or tea to get 7 mg or about 10 percent of your... Read More »

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I heard lemon juice is good for healing acne scars, I have some lemon juice how do I use it on my skin?

Best thing is get to a laser center that specializes in acne scar removal. Lemon juice will bleach your skin color.good luck to you

Is biotene good for periodontal disease?

Biotene products are designed to treat dry mouth, not periodontal disease. According to NIDCR, to prevent periodontal disease, brush at least twice a day, floss once a day and visit a dentist at le... Read More »

Found out I have periodontal disease. I'm so devastated right now, is there any good news in any of this?

You're pretty young to have pkts that deep. A pocket (and they call it a pocket if it is unhealthy) is a measurement in mm, of the space between you gums and the tooth. The number represents the ... Read More »

What is the relation between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease?

DENTAL INFECTIONS AND MEDICAL POBLEMS I BELIEVE THAT I READ SOMEWHERE that if you have an infection in your mouth, from either infected teeth or gums you have to be careful at the dentist. If a den... Read More »