Is legal smoke really good?

Answer On One Hand: Most Are Not GoodMost marijuana smokers don't care for legal buds as much as illegal buds due to the fact that legal bud is typically harsher on the lungs and doesn't burn well. They o... Read More »

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Why is tabacco legal but you cant smoke a joint comfortable wherever you want?

my judgment is not impaired after smoking a regular cigarette.

I have weed from 3 yrs. it still good to smoke?

I smoke 4 cigaretts a day is it good or bad?

If you're only smokign 3-4 cigs a day there's no sense in spending 5 dollars a pack. You shouldn't even be smoking. Smoking is bad and I'm not judging because I smoke but if you are only smoking th... Read More »

Is tobbaco smoke good for our health?

Come on, you must be joking to dare to ask this question. Tobacco smoke contains numerous toxins which are known to cause cancer inluding benzene and cadmium. If absorbed into the bloodstream these... Read More »