Is leaving my macbook plugged, even when it's full, a bad thing?

Answer Well it depends on how you look at it.If you look at it, as if it is not helping then its bad, then yes its bad to do so.The battery should be at 40-70% charged at all times (for optimal conditions... Read More »

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Does leaving a phone charger plugged in take electricity even when not connected to your phone?

dont do that its a fire hazard!!! if you are not using the charger unplug it!

Is it ok to keep my laptop plugged even if my battery is full?

It depends on the type of battery. If it is lithium ion -- which most laptop batteries sold in the last 5 years are -- there is no advantage to unplugging it or doing a deep discharge.The idea that... Read More »

Why is the guy not leaving the girl when she has not even talked to him?

Hes dead. He was shot and killed by Under-sheriff Jeffrey McKeen in season 8.

Can you play the Coby portable DVD player even when it is plugged in?