Is lantana poisonous?

Answer Yes Lantana plant contains a toxic substance called triterpenes. The unripe berries and leaves of the lantana plant can cause fatality especially when ingested.

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How do I make lantana cuttings?

Find a lantana plant with flowers that you like. Look for a stem that is at least pencil thick with two nodes. Nodes are the places or joints where leaves grow from the stem. The cutting should be ... Read More »

Information About Lantana Flowers?

Lantana is the common name for any of 150 varieties of shrubs and herbaceous perennials belonging to the Verbenaceae family. In many areas, lantanas are popular landscaping plants. In other areas, ... Read More »

How do i divide a lantana plant?

When to DivideDivide lantana plants when they are large, well-established and healthy. Look for a plant that's growing in a ring formation, instead of a bush or solid formation. Do not wait until l... Read More »

How to Prune a Lantana Plant?

Lantana, a member of the verbena family, is a popular flowering plant in the south. In warm climates it is a perennial that produces ample blooms from spring until the first frost in the fall. In c... Read More »