Is lantana poisonous?

Answer Yes Lantana plant contains a toxic substance called triterpenes. The unripe berries and leaves of the lantana plant can cause fatality especially when ingested.

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How do i divide a lantana plant?

When to DivideDivide lantana plants when they are large, well-established and healthy. Look for a plant that's growing in a ring formation, instead of a bush or solid formation. Do not wait until l... Read More »

Is sun required for a lantana plant?

Lantanas need sunlight in order to grow. Well-drained soil is also important. Lantanas require minimal maintenance once they are established. White flies and lace bugs are their primary problem pes... Read More »

How to Prune a Lantana Plant?

Lantana, a member of the verbena family, is a popular flowering plant in the south. In warm climates it is a perennial that produces ample blooms from spring until the first frost in the fall. In c... Read More »

How do I make lantana cuttings?

Find a lantana plant with flowers that you like. Look for a stem that is at least pencil thick with two nodes. Nodes are the places or joints where leaves grow from the stem. The cutting should be ... Read More »