Is kosher wine alcoholic?

Answer Kosher wine is alcoholic, but the alcohol content can vary, just like other wine. For a wine to be kosher, gelatin, casein, and bull blood must not be used in its making and all utensils must be cl... Read More »

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Is port wine kosher?

For a port wine to be kosher, it must have been made solely by sabbath-observant Jews. It also must not contain any non-kosher ingredients. It is possible to buy kosher port that has been produced ... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Kosher Blackberry Wine?

Many people ignore kosher blackberry wine except during the Jewish holidays. But while the wine certainly serves an important religious function, it also provides several other important benefits. ... Read More »

Non-alcoholic Wine/Champagne?

That is a very touchy subject. Some addicts cannot flirt with any resemblance of their drug of near-beer, mock cocktails, or even sparkling cider. The whole taste/smell and ritual of ... Read More »

How do you know if you are an alcoholic and don't just like the taste of wine?

By all the beer and liquor you consume. Duh!