Is knol better than wikipedia?

Answer Not just anyone can get a Knol account, at first Google will only be letting qualified people to create articles for Knol (such as professors, doctors, writers, etc). I do dislike that Google will ... Read More »

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Which is better....wikipedia or knol?

Doubtless there are Isolated brilliant essays on Knol which could never appear on Wikipedia, but Wikipedia has reliable information on a vast array of subjects, while Knol is an interesting start u... Read More »

Is there any other service better than wikipedia?

Critics say Wikipedia is not as accurate as ordinary encyclopedias.

Any online encyclopedia thats better than Wikipedia? believe all those work

Why can't Wikipedia apologists come up with better rebuttals than merely dismissing critics as "trolls"?

The problem is that almost every positive Wikipedia trait can be deflated with the most fleeting scrutiny.Take for example the infamous Nature study. Britannica disputed the findings, which was to ... Read More »